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Wood Floor Refinishing

When Does Wood Floor Refinishing Need to Be Done?

Wood floor refinishing involves sanding down the outermost layer on your wood floor. Each time it is done, the thickness of the wood is slightly diminished, so refinishing should only be done as needed, as it can only be done a limited number of times. Most people are unsure when wood floor refinishing is needed in Langley City, BC, Canada. Wood floor refinishing should be done if your floor is scratched, has surface wear or is cloudy and worn. If professional cleaning cannot solve the issues your floor has, wood floor refinishing may be a great option. An expert refinishing company can look at your floor and help you determine whether your flooring can benefit from this technique. Ready to have your floor refinished? Schedule an appointment with us here at Grande Refinishing to determine whether refinishing is right for your floor and to begin the process if it is.

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